With a background firmly rooted in design and art direction, I've enjoyed expanding my skill set to include video and motion over the last few years. I especially love the interplay between graphics, music, sound design, and the moving image in live action or animated sequences. I've also begun a journey into content creation, which includes shooting my own footage and photographs with the help of my insanely talented video editor/filmmaker wife Courtney Sposato

"Me Him Her" 

Art direction and design for film trailer supers 


"The Little Hours" 

Art direction for film trailer social cut


My Vagabond Shoes

Design and content creation for launch video promoting My Vagabond Shoes travel blog

Prague teaser vid

Wizard Sex 

Art direction, design, and content creation for Wizard Sex's music videos "Rock-n-roll is my Business" and "Witch and Wizard"

Rock-n-roll is my Business

Witch and Wizard


All is Forgiven

Illustration, design, and hand lettering for film title sequence

"It's my turn" campaign

Creative direction, art direction, design, and hand lettering for video series


Geoff's testimonial video

Emily's testimonial video

Karen's testimonial video

Creative direction and design for animated social posts


PayPal "Check Us Out" social pitch video

Art direction for supers

Pitch video for PayPal promoting the social component of P-to-P