We're all social animals

The following is a collection of projects I've worked on that live in the social sphere. Shareability and likability are the name of the game. Impact and impressions are the metrics that drive us.

"The Little Hours" 

Social cut for film trailer


My Vagabond Shoes

Video launch promoting travel blog on social channels

Prague teaser vid

MS One to One Social Campaign

"It's My Turn" video series

signatures_0005_it's my turn.jpg

Geoff's testimonial video

Emily's testimonial video

Karen's testimonial video

Facebook launch

"It's My Turn" :15 social cutdowns

PayPal "Check Us Out" social pitch video

Pitch video for PayPal promoting the social component of P-to-P

Hershey's YouTube Content

Personal baking story vignettes for Hersey's Kitchens YouTube channel

TDA+NFL YouTube Content

"Tuba Guy" testimonial for TD Ameritrade's YouTube channel