The Breath Test

The Breath Test is a revolutionary, highly sensitive and specific, non-invasive diagnostic system that detects harmful bacteria in a person's stomach using their own breath. The user blows into a bag, drinks a solution, and is then tested the presence of a bacteria that can cause an array of troubling gastrointestinal symptoms. I had the pleasure of creating the lead campaign concept, which was then blown out into a tablet application and promotional materials. Working closely with a UX team and digital technologists, I designed the interface, animations, and graphic elements for the app.

Tablet App

Print and outdoor Campaign


For the Breath Test's pediatric launch, I was tasked with creating an entirely new visual identity to market the product to parents of children with possible infection. The signature swoosh was retained as a graphic element, but we chose to focus on photography of the target demographic. Each iteration of the campaign delves into the psychology of a child suffering from gastrointestinal ailments by presenting messaging, data points, or pictograms as if there were drawn by that very child. This intimate approach was a nice departure from the main campaign, and was used in print ads, welcome mailer, and OLA. 


Launch Kit Mailer